Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Video of BSSO - Not For The Squeamish or Faint Hearted.

I was supposed to be working today but it got cancelled so pottering about online I decided to look for a YouTube video of a BSSO surgery, just to get an idea of what I had done.

I would not have been able to watch this prior to surgery, I'm not squeamish or faint hearted but it would've been too close to home and freaked me out. On the other hand, if I had watched this video maybe in the first few days after surgery, I might have went a little bit easier on myself in terms of recovery. I would've been kinda to myself.

This video shows mandibular advancement so different to my mandibular setback but I don't imagine it was too different aside from the mandible being put in the opposite direction. I must admit, I did have a Oh No! moment when I watched them moving the 'free' jaw.

Here is the link:

Today is now day 55 post op.

My jaw ached yesterday A LOT! I wonder if it was because of how much I talked on day 54...I had a job interview and then an appointment and it all involved a lot of talking.
I also ate my first sweetie since before my op...I chose a single size Milkyway. And boy it wasn't as easy as it looked or as easy to eat as it was before surgery. End result, I managed to eat it but the effort it required just took away the enjoyment of it.
Maybe that's not such a bad thing :)

Breakfast: pancake with butter and jam
Lunch: cheese and onion chutney sandwich and a yoghurt
Super: fish, mashed potato and peas followed by semolina and jam

I hold my hands up now and say I do not clean my teeth after every meal. Twice a day is suffice for me and if anyone has a problem with that, tough. My hygienist is always amazed at how clean my teeth are and I only have 2 fillings (one of which is due to a tooth being broke by a brandy snap).

So last night, thing got amorous with my hubby, as they do. Second time post-surgery and it still feels weird, although granted not as weird as the first time. He is scared of hurting me and kissing for me is just lopsided due to numbness on the right. I took out my elastics because they were twanging when I was kissing ROFL!
And then before I went to sleep, I went to put new elastics in and found a pea in my mouth, just on the bottom near the back molars! Hadn't felt it and it must've been stuck there since supper time. Ooops!

Moral of the story, check your numb mouth for foreign objects before commencing in any lip action.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Day 52 - 6 Years 5 Months of Braces!

I'm bored today. Husband has went back to work and kids have went back to school after being off on holiday for the past 2 weeks.
I've cleaned the bathroom, dusted, hoovered and mopped the kitchen floor (that was taking it a bit too far really, head was sore after that idea) and now twiddling my thumbs so thought I'd take some pictures because I haven't put any pictures up on here for a wee while.

Excuse the startled surprised look on my face in photo 1...and the hair...I need a haircut!

You can definitely see how my mouth is asymmetrical now. But I think this is just how I'm going to look now rather than it being anything to do with an infection or whatnot. Unless there is still swelling going on that i don't know about.

In my bite picture you can see that my midlines now match!!! (plus you can see my super cool orange and black ligs...of all the colours I've had over the past 6 years and 5 months, orange and black have been my favourite)

And just for fun, I thought I'd look back at my pre-braces photo and compare it with today's:

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 51

Wow! Day 51, that just seems unreal doesn't it. Or let's say 7 weeks and 2 days post op.
Have recovered from being ill and have got my voice back. This past week just wasn't a good week.

Not much to report on my post op situ really.

After the initial yeah I can move to soft chew, the next day I realised that it didn't really mean that much more variety to my diet. A week on though and it is better, I feel more like I'm eating real food now and not just slops. Although I would say that after 6 weeks of no chew it's kinda hard to get out of the habit of eating without chewing so half gets chewed, half goes straight down.

To give examples of foods I've had :

Lasagne (managed the pasta this time)
Fish (don't have to mash/flake it up)
Baked potato without having to mash it and I had hummus with it.
Sandwiches (egg mayo, tuna mayo and grated cheese with hp sauce)
Pasta bake (no meat)
Sausages, mashed potato and baked beans
Pancakes with butter and jam
Scones (ok but more difficult to eat than pancakes)
Softie (aka soft bread roll, morning roll, bap) and this has probably been the most difficult thing to eat and I was definitely achey after eating it. Maybe that was a bit too adventurous.

I did also attempt to eat a banana but my mouth doesn't open wide enough :D :D Oh well!

It has been so nice to have something other than porridge or readybrek for breakfast!
Actually, today I made myself a cooked breakfast for the first time and I thought of it yesterday and was so looking forward to it this morning,
I had: 2 sausages, 1 slice of black pudding, 1 fried egg, baked beans and mushrooms.

Managed everything except for the mushrooms...chewing them was too difficult, I could swallow them without chewing but they weren't very nice that way so I left them. Only things missing from that breakfast were bacon, hash browns and TOAST!

LOL still not allowed toast for another 3-4 weeks yet. I think I'll move on to the toast diet as soon as I can...toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner LOL!

Pain wise, on my left, I wouldn't think I had had surgery, everything feels back to normal.
My right hand side is a different story. I still definitely have pain, I can't tell if it's my jaw, my gums, my lower right canine, inside my lip or what. It corresponds to where (I said in a previous post) the numbest area is. But it is nipping my head! I wouldn't need to take pain meds if it wasn't for this 'bit'.

My bottom lip and chin are still numb on the right hand side. I got my hubby to test my feeling out, he chose to use a skewer out of the kitchen cupboard LOL and we discovered that I can feel pressure but not sharpness on the right hand side.

Haven't had the burning sensation this week but definitely have itching and a feeling of cobwebs on my chin.

Definitely noticing with this colder weather that I need a scarf or else my jaw starts to ache on my right hand side. I had thought the cold was going for my healing bones but then realised the cold was also becoming friends with all this new metalwork in my mouth! I had forgotten about the plates and accompanying screws!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day #no idea. I'm Sick

Just when I was starting to get back on my feet after my surgery, now I am I'll.
I picked up a cold from one of my kids and now I have a chest infection and have lost my voice.
I feel utterly rank!
I was at my GP today anyway to see if I could get some help with my anxiety. Didn' t really get much help for that but since I have no voice, she checked me over. My pulse, and bp are ok, but my chest didn't sound good. She said she wouldn't normally give out antibiotics on day one of a crackly sounding chest and a lost voice but since I just recently had surgery, I was getting them.
She also said that I am dehydrated (how? considering I'm practically on a liquid diet) and she was concerned by how my mouth was visibly squint.
I have noticed just the past few days that my mouth is squint and it wasn't like that before. She said it could be a sign of infection in my jaw so to keep an eye on it, especially with my lost voice, and if I get any swelling to go straight back.
If my voice doesn't return in a day or so, I've to go back for different antibiotics because sometimes after surgery, you get different bugs hanging about.

Today I had readybrek for breakfast, a cheese omelette for lunch and for supper, sausages, mashed potato, beans and my first fried egg in more than 7 weeks!

Now I'm back to lying on the sofa, with a fluffy pillow, hot water bottle and a muffin!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Day 42 - First Day of Soft Chew Diet

Went to bed early last night with fluffy pillow, hot water bottle and pain meds, including codeine. My goodness my teeth HURT!
Slept til 7am when I woke up with HURTING teeth again.
Got up and took more pain meds and went back to bed for an hour or so.

Then it was time to eat breakfast! PANCAKES!

I put a pancake in the toaster to heat it up and then spread lots of butter on it. Made myself a cup of tea.

And then sat looking nervously at my pancake!

I would say I half chewed, half ate like I have the past 6 weeks, ie no chew.
It wasn't easy, I was nervous and my husband had to tell me to relax lol because I ended up sitting hunched, tense.
It felt weird feeling my teeth bite together when eating, back to the feeling of banging china plates together again.
But I finished it and decided I would have a second pancake.
I think my jaw muscles thought a second pancake was a bit ambitious though, heavy, numb lip feeling soon kicked in.
But I ate 2 pancakes for breakfast!!!!

This morning I took my son to his appointment and since my ortho was there, I got her to have a quick check of my teeth because since I woke up this morning, my bite felt off.
So now I have changed to green elastics both sides.

Yesterday I had forgot to ask her how long I should be on the soft chew diet for, today she told me I have to stay on soft chew for the next 4 weeks.
That opens up a little bit of variety but not lots but that's ok, I don't want to rush it so we'll just take it slow.

For lunch I had an egg mayo sandwich. Oh bread!! I made sure to add extra mayo to the mashed egg so it was a bit runnier than normal and I cut off the crusts from the bread.
And then found I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to fit the sandwich in ROFL!

A little squashing of the sandwich and making sure I took small bites meant I got my sandwich eaten! My husband managed to eat his sandwich and a bowl of soup in the time it took me to eat my sandwich. But slow and steady won the race.

Spent the afternoon just chilling and it was good.

For supper I tried normal sized pasta (shells) with chicken and tomato sauce. Unfortunately, I just couldn't chew, just found myself automatically eating no chew style. I cut off as tiny wee bit of chicken and tried to eat it, but no, my mouth just wasn't ready for that yet, I couldn't chew it, so pasta and sauce it was.
But that's ok, I'll try meat again next week.

Face pics next. Please excuse my jaundice's harder to get good light for photos now the darker mornings are coming in.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day 41 - An Hour In The Chair of Torture

Today I applied for a job first thing this morning.
Then I went to work for 3 hours.
Then I came home and had lunch (mexican omelette again).
Then I was straight out the door to an appointment with my orthodontist.

Usually my ortho ALWAYS runs late but today the dental nurse came out to the waiting room to call for me and had to call me twice because I wasn't paying attention...she knew that I wasn't expecting to be called before my appointment time. It must've been an unusually slow day today in the land of orthodontics.

And then I spent an hour in the chair, a full hour being, what felt like, tortured...although not as bad as the scary 80s horror movie session I did have last year.

First up, checking my bite, open, close, bite together, suck the saliva and swallow, open, close, bite together.

Then she decides on her plan of action.

The top wire comes off, no problems there.

Then the bottom wire comes off for the first time since my surgery. I was nervous, I was tense and quite protective of my lower jaw. The bottom wire did NOT want to come out and the new lighter wire (17.5 steel) did NOT, in any uncertain terms want to go in. It hurt! And I could feel myself pushing myself further and further back into the chair.

Eventually, she got it in only to have to take it out again to put it back in.

Then she dropped the top wire on the floor! By this time I'm thinking 'oh no, we have to start again' and said 'I'll take the bugs from the floor' :D Just don't let us go through all that palaver again.
Thankfully they could just sterilise the wire.

Once out of the chair after the hour, I felt a bit light headed so had to sit back down again.

Today's orthodontic plan:

New lower wire, a lighter one apparently, with some kind of bend in it with wide powerchain too.

Apparently I have a tooth on the top which has rotated 180 degrees but it's going to stay like that because trying to rotate it would be too big a job.

Top wire kept from last time but I now have e-link (sp?) on both sides; one side to keep the teeth in place and the other side to close the gap that has formed between my lateral incisor and canine. Actually, I think this e-link is going to be hauling more than just my canine round a bit, I think it's going to move the canine, and at least a premolar if not a molar as well.
And I have a new configuration of elastics; still orange on the left, running, top canine to bottom molar and still green on the right, running top furthest back molar to bottom canine.

So with new wires, bends in wires, quick ties, spring coil, powerchain AND this new e-link (never had it before), I HURT!!!!!
I can't even bear to bite my teeth together because it is too sore.

I think I'm going to have to take some codeine tonight before bed.
My ortho always tells me that my teeth might feel achy after treatment, but let me tell you, achy just does not do justice to the pain of teeth being forced to move. Achy my foot!

There is some good news though:

After 41 days...tomorrow I CAN PROGRESS TO SOFT CHEW DIET!

I have been told I am allowed to eat things such as well cooked pasta, potatoes (not mashed) and bread (although not toast or crusts).
I forgot to ask how long I have to be on soft-chew for but I'll be seeing my ortho again tomorrow when my son has his appointment so I shall ask her then.

So I have bought some pancakes for my breakfast tomorrow morning.
I have a funny feeling that I won't be able to actually eat them because my teeth are so sore, but I'm most certainly going to be trying (and hopefully not crying).

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Days 30 - 40

Wow! It's been a wee while since I last updated.

My only excuse is that this has been the time where I've actually felt like I'm almost back to 'normal'.

I have had MAJOR stress about my job but I won't get into that here, suffice to say because I was signed off sick because of my surgery when I was, I am now job hunting again. I do still have my job, but I have very limited hours.

I continue on the no-chew diet, that's been 40 days now, not that I'm counting or anything :)
It will be 6 weeks since my surgery in 2 days time (not that I'm counting that either!) and I'm hoping they can say I can start a soft-chew diet.
Oh to have some bread! I don't imagine I'll be able to start eating toast yet though, but a pancake for breakfast, an egg sandwich for lunch and some normal sized pasta with tomato sauce for supper would be lovely!

In the past 10 days these things have happened:

On the Sunday, I my brother inlaw, his girflfriend and my niece came to visit in the morning, my parents inlaw came to visit in the afternoon and then I sat at the swimming pool for 3 hours watching whilst my daughter took part in a swimming competition. I even managed to cheer her on a couple of times (even if my jaw muscles weren't too happy about it).

I went back to volunteer at the place where I volunteer. I managed an hour and a bit before having to go home because I was getting sore with talking. But it was nice to get out and be social again even if no one did notice that I look different (either the fact I've had my jaw moved or that I've lost 14lbs in weight!). I guess it just goes to show you, that people really don't take notice of what other people look like!

I have went back to work, one assignment working from home and the other attending a lecture for 2 hours. I was very tired afterwards but I would say it was ok to return to work on reduced hours at the 5 week mark.

Last Saturday, I started studying a diploma in reflexology and that was a whole day thing, 10am - 6pm and I was worried if I would manage it or not. I made sure I took plenty of pain medication with me and took a packed lunch of soup in my flask and I made it through the day. Shame I couldn't have any of the cakes and biscuits that was provided, but I'm sure I'll manage that next month :) That is the longest time I've been out of the house since my surgery.

I can now walk quicker, no longer must I walk at a leisurely pace :) Still can't run for a bus or for the green man though (hahaha when out shopping at the weekend, we got to a crossing where we had just missed the green man and my husband asked me 'isn't that not really annoying you?'...hmmm yes!)

I hope to return to my yoga class next week; I would have gone this week but since I'm working on a Thursday morning and I have an appointment with my orthodontist Thursday afternoon, I think it would be too much to go to yoga on Thursday evening too.

I think I must mention this whole pain malarky. I had hoped that I would be able to stop taking pain medication by now, by no. I'm still needing to take ibuprofen before I go to bed at night or else I wake up during the night with a heavy jaw feeling like a ventriloquist dummy!

I am also having to take pain medication because I am having a lot of nerve pain. It ranges from the burning sensation I have described before, to feeling like someone is stabbing my lip and chin with a sharp pin over and over again, to feeling like someone is brushing a light material across my chin (not pleasant), to itching.

I also noticed yesterday, that I have been sore up the right hand side of my jaw (the side where I also had my wisdom tooth removed) for the past few days and yesterday wondered if it was maybe because the weather is a lot colder this week. I don't know. But I'm thinking I should try a heavier scarf and wrap up warmer round my jaw/chin/neck and see if that helps.

Another post-op checkup with the orthodontist tomorrow and my son has a cleft clinic appointment on Friday so I should see my max fax surgeon there too. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for the green light to go ahead with soft chew diet!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Day 29 - Update Summary

Since I've reached the half way stage in the recovery process, I thought I'd do an update summary at what things are like at this stage. Also helps those of you reading who don't want to trawl through the every day posts.

All visible swelling is gone. There is still swelling going on, I can feel it, but it's not noticeable to anyone else.

Bruising was gone by the end of week 2

Wound Healing
Noticed today that all my stitches are now gone.

I have 3 types of pain:
  • Jaw pain which is heavy and achy, 
  • Nerve pain which is sharp and ouchie 
  • Teeth pain with the orthodontic treatment.

Pain medication
I now take ibuprofen first thing in the morning and before I go to bed at night. Usually need to take paracetamol in the afternoon. In some ways the pain is worse now than it was in the early days but it's not constant if that makes any sense.

As jaw pain gets worse, the awareness of the numbness gets higher.

I don't think I have regained any feeling. I'm still numb from my lower lip down to the bottom of my chin, more so on the right hand side than the left.
I've done a wee job on Paint to show the outline of the area of numbness. It's certainly no work of art LOL but I hope you get the idea. The blue dot shows the numbest point

I can feel a cup along the length of my lower lip when drinking but I still can't feel a kiss.

I have this week been getting increased burning sensation on my lower lip right here (shown by the red dot). It feels really sore, like I've splashed a too hot drink on my lip.

I remain on a no-chew diet. Usually breakfast is porridge/readybrek, lunch is soup and supper is blended whatever the rest of the family is having.
I'm still not really missing any particular food except bread although breakfast is particularly difficult because I would normally have toast, or museli or pancakes or bagels or scones or a soft boiled egg and I can't eat any of those things.
Lunch is usually soup, sometimes I'll have a cheese omelette for a change.
Supper involves a lot of mashed potatoes, rice, sauce, tiny pasta and cheese sauce. I have eaten some things I would never ever have thought I would and there are some things that once I'm back on normal diet, I never want to have to eat again (apricot yoghurt springs to mind)!
Pre-surgery I didn't think I would go down the route of blending normal family meals but I have done and it's certainly helped.
I can now eat with either a tablespoon or a fork. I have to watch to make sure that i don't put too much in my mouth or else I get the urge to chew. Still another 2 weeks to go before we can do soft-chewing.

Pre-surgery my normal weight was 11st 4lbs give or take a lb or two.
After 4 weeks my weight is 10st 8lbs. This is a loss of 10lbs in total.

I am still getting really tired and this is frustrating.
Thursday this week with my trip to the orthodontist was probably my busiest day yet and I was super tired yesterday. I went to bed at 8.30pm but really I wanted to go to bed at 7pm!

Before surgery I had a few folk ask me if I'd be able to talk after surgery and I thought 'yeah, course I'm going to be able to talk'. Well, lets just say that yes I could talk because I still had a voice, but my jaw muscles dictate(d) how much I could/can talk.
This week, I can talk in conversation for 30 minutes before I find myself chewing the inside of my cheek and lower lip on the right hand side.
I can talk in conversation for up to 60 minutes and then my hand finds it way up to my chin to hold my jaw and the aching kicks in and I really need to stop.

I don't think I have ever yawned as much before in my life as I have done since surgery. My ortho's advice on Thursday was to take my elastics off when I need to yawn, hold my jaw so I don't over extend it and to take afternoon naps to try and stop the evening yawning spells.

If I had work to go to, I'd be going back to work on Monday with a phased return and altered hours.

Still can't walk too fast, although I am getting faster. I have to walk at a more leisurely pace because (and this will sound daft I'm sure), I can feel the vibrations of walking going through my jaw, and too much makes me feel queasy.
I still can not run for a bus.
I have not yet returned to yoga. I think I need a couple of more weeks.

Slowly increasing. I can now hoover, put away laundry, dust, clean the bathroom, I can shower and wash my hair and get dressed all in one go rather than having to split it up over the morning or do shower one day and wash my hair the next.
I haven't driven since my surgery but I could probably manage ok now for short journeys.
I'm by no means back to normal yet and finding it difficult to get the balance of doing stuff and resting enough.

Today breakfast was readybrek. That was hard because since it's Saturday, it's bacon sandwiches for breakfast for everyone else and this week the smell of the bacon really made me not want to eat readybrek.
Lunch will be soup
Supper will be chicken korma (blended) and rice.

I've been awake since 6.30am, probably because I went to bed so early last night. But I could be done with more sleep, I'm yawning still!
On inspection last night, it is not my central incisor that is hitting a bracket but the lateral incisor that has just been moved to close a gap.

I'm going to attempt to go into town shopping with my daughter this afternoon. Let's see how much I can manage.


Friday, 3 October 2014

Day 28 - 4 Week Anniversary

Today marks the half way stage of recovery! It's been 4 weeks since my surgery, wow! It feels like so long ago.
Last night, lying in bed I was remembering that 4 weeks ago was the night before my surgery, I was in hospital whilst my husband had our bed all to himself!

Took me absolutely forever to get to sleep last night, think I might have got to sleep about 3am. I wonder if I was overtired.
I googled why do people yawn and there seems to be a variety of reasons from lowering the temperature of your brain, to responding to cortisol to needing to stretch your jaw muscles. Interesting.
I don't think I've yawned as much before as I have done since my surgery.

Last night I also had lots of burning in my lower lip and a feeling like very light material was being rubbed across my chin...not pleasant, I can still only hope it is my nerves coming back to life. I wonder if amount of nerve pain is also related to how tired I am.

Hmmm...more tired equals more yawning and more nerve and jaw pain maybe?

Today I got up at 7am to get the kids ready for school.
Breakfast was readybrek (lol! My kindle just autocorrected readybrek to heartbreak!)

My bathroom scales say I weigh 10st 8lbs so that is a total of 10lbs weight loss so far.
I could be done with some new clothes but I don't want to buy any until I'm back to normal diet and I know what weight I will settle at.

This Morning was spent sending some emails and filling out a job application.

Lunch was soup followed by a cheesecake pot.

I spent the afternoon watching tv, really tired this afternoon and feeling sore. I did switch the tv off to try and have a nap but sleep didn't come :-(

Phoned DWP as I got a text to say that my cancelled claim for employment support allowance was successful??? I didn't think I would be entitled to anything (why I cancelled it) but if they're going to give it to me, I'll take it.

Still no reply from work.

Supper was pasta and cheese sauce.

My bite feels a bit funny today and I see that my top central incisive is biting down on the bracket on the bottom tooth underneath...I'll need to keep an eye on that

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Days 24 - 27

I've been neglectful of my blog this week because I've been so stressed about work. This is bad, especially since I am still officially signed off.

Breakfast: readybrek
I went into town to go to the bank and then met my friend Jenny for coffee at Costas...well I had a hot chocolate. Was strange going out for a cuppa and not being able to eat anything with it. After 30 mins I could feel myself chewing the inside of my right cheek. After an hour I could feel jaw pain and numbness kicking in so I was good as said I would need to go home.

Lunch was soup

Spent the afternoon watching TV. Phoned my mum.

Supper was korma sauce and rice

Did the weekly food shopping and managed to help pack at the till too.

Today I am noticing that there are gaps forming between my teeth, it's not looking good :(
I am also getting a burning sensation on my lower lip. It feels like I have burnt my lip with a hot drink, very ouchie but I presume this is just the nerves doing something

I found out on Tuesday that I am not entitled to sick pay and the agency through which I am employed seems to have changed they way they allocate work and now it looks doubtful as to whether I have work to go back to. I spent 40 minutes on the phone to the job centre applying for ESA but considering the hoops I'll have to jump through to get it, I phoned later in the day and cancelled my claim.
I only work September - May so with no sick pay, I've not been paid any money for the past 4 months.

I should be focusing on my recovery from major surgery not work :(

Breakfast: ready brek
Lunch: soup
Supper: fish, mashed potatoes, sweetcorn and lots of cheese sauce.

I'm getting to the stage now where eating just isn't enjoyable any more and thinking 'what's the point?'

Today I had an appointment with my GP as my sick note finishes on Friday. Explained that I don't think I am ready to go back to work just yet, I could really be done with another week off (Generally, I'm still taking painkillers, I'm tired because of the no chew diet and I can't walk as fast as normal because I feel the vibrations through my jaw when I walk and it makes me feel queasy) but also explained how things are with work so she signed me fit for work with a phased return and altered hours.
She also prescribed me more paracetamol and ibuprofen (even asked if I could manage tablets or did I want it in liquid form!).
Came home and emailed work my sick note and my availability for work.
Spent the rest of the day still waiting for work to email me back (they didn't), watched some TV.

Lunch was soup
Supper was blended thai chicken curry with rice followed by a cheesecake pot.

Woke up in the early hours worrying about work, this is ridiculous :(
Not too sore or too swollen today. At the beginning of the week I noticed a bit of a lump on my jaw on the right. I'm finding in the evenings I can open my jaw on the right hand side further than the left and it makes a clunking noise. I *think* this is the same as I was pre-surgery as regards to clunking and over extension of my jaw when opening but I'm not sure. The lump seems to have reduced today.
Burning sensation on my lower lip is still there, not all the time but definitely there.
I have an appointment with my orthodontist this afternoon so we'll see what she says.
And she will also need to do something about my teeth, my overjet isn't closing and these gaps between my teeth are getting bigger

Had my appointment with ortho, my biggest trip out today. Got two buses, 1 bus into town (and missed a bus because I couldn't run for it!) and 1 bus up to the hospital, then had a 10 minute walk to get to ortho.
Explained to ortho about lump on my jaw, the clunking and over extension on the left, the size of my overjet and the gaps between my teeth. Also spoke about work situ.
She said the lump would be bone remodelling.
She got me to open and close my mouth a few times whilst she felt my temperomandibular joints. And then she hmmmed a bit.
Then she checked my bite and said something about roots and my back teeth on the left being a problem and not biting together properly.
So then we spoke about how nearly every evening since my surgery I've been hitting about 8pm and having a yawning spell.
So I've been told basically not to yawn. If I feel like I'm going to yawn, I have to take my elastics off because it's not good for my jaw to open to wide AND have to battle with the elastics. If I do yawn, I have to put my hand under my jaw and hold it to stop my jaw opening wide.
And finally, I need to try and have a nap in the afternoons to stop getting the yawning sessions in the evening.
Hmmmm, does this mean that actually, I'm doing too much?
I am still getting really tired but I don't feel like I'm doing that much.
My week since last appointment has been:
Thurs: ortho in afternoon and took 2 buses home (which is a travel time of 1 hour) and visited in-laws in evening (2 hours)
Fri: watched tv, put away laundry, cleaned bathroom, made supper
Sat: went into town, went to 4 shops
Sun: visited brother inlaw (2 hours)
Mon: up with kids at 7am to get them ready for school, went into town, went to bank, met friend for coffee, made supper, did weekly food shop
Tues: on phone for 40mins, stressed about work
Weds: up with kids at 7am to get them ready for school, went to GP, stressed about work some more, did some job hunting
Today: swept kitchen floor, ortho this afternoon by 2 buses there and 2 buses back (travel time of 2 hours), made supper.
Is this really a lot??
Hmmmm, so how can I work AND have afternoon naps??
And if I'm doing too much just doing this, then how can I go to work?

She measured my overjet and says it is now just below 4mm and is normal. I'm still struggling to get used to this normal business.

She put on more wide powerchain and new ligs on the top. My appointment was at 1.45pm and by the time I got home at 3.30pm the gap between my central incisor and lateral incisive had closed!!!!
No more ortho appointments until 16th October because she is going on holiday.

Breakfast was a banana and peanut butter milkshake
Lunch was a Mexican cheese omelette followed by a chocolate orange yoghurt type thing
Supper was blended chilli con carne with rice.

Now it is nearly 8pm and the yawning is starting again!

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post surgery...half way through recovery time!

Day 23 - Out Visiting and Pain

Today was Sunday and I woke up swollen and in a lot of pain. I had to take full complement of pain medication including codeine.

Went to visit my brother inlaw, his partner and my niece because I've not seen my niece for a long time.
They had brought me back a present from their recent holidays, a marshmallow sandwich. Now I totally appreciate that they had tried to think of something soft to get me but I can't eat marshmallow, yes it's soft but it still requires chewing.
Another gift the kids got to eat.
Managed to stay for about 2 hours and had soup for lunch but then really did have to go home because I just wasn't fit for visiting, I was just too sore.

Came home and crashed on the sofa for the rest of the day.

I can remember what the rest of my family had for supper but I can't remember what I had! If I think of it, I'll edit this post :)
Ah! I remember now and actually it was so awful it was worth forgetting!
Supper was couscous with chicken gravy and mashed up broccoli. I ate it, but it wasn't good.