Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Can't remember what adjustment number I am now...but suffice to say my braces have been on for 6 months now!
My appointment was at 10.50am Tuesday 2nd December. I finished a lecture at uni at 10am so headed straight up for the hospital. I got there early at 10.15am and since they weren't busy they took me early.

First thing ortho did was ask me to bite together, which I did, then he said 'bite together' and I was like 'I am!' LOL.
Told him about my wisdom tooth have a wee move about and he had a look and said yes it indeed had.

He did:

1. removed lower ligs. At my request put a closed coil round the wire that wasn't attached to a tooth on the I won't have to faff about with drinking straws when the wire decides to cut my cheek like cheese wire :). Then put same wire back on again and agve me new azure blue ligs. Said the bottom was looking good. Gave my bottom teeth a wee wiggle so must be checking to make sure they ok :)

2. Removed top wire and ligs. Changed wire and then mentioned the word powerchain!!! Put new wire on top and I have a section of powerchain on top where there's a big space since no tooth there. He told me that now we are to start working on bringing my top teeth into the correct position, ie bring my midline into the centre. Said it was going to take some time to do.
Put azure ligs on top.

While I was in the chair, with ortho changing wires etc, this guy in a white coat waltzed into the room. No idea who he was, gave him a wave since I couldn't actually speak. He said hello and then just seemed to launch into a whole heap of questions about me and my teeth. Ortho explained that I was born with a cleft palate, have class 3 malocclusion and having osteotomy. He asked if it was going to be bimax and ortho said I was an unusual case but not bimax because while my upper jaw is too short and indeed that's what needs to move forward, since doing so would affect my speech, the lower is going back. Guy then asked about my denture and how my tooth was going to be restored. Then wait for it! Ortho says the words...BONE GRAFT!!! Like what! no one has mentioned bone graft to me before! But I can see what he means, there's not much bone in my gum for a bridge or implant to hang on to. But would've been nice if I was told about that before. But then not like I can say no either.

Anyways, back on 3rd Feb for next adjustment.
Right now: pain not too bad, was majorly sore last night but took some painkillers and went to sleep for a bit. Mainly teeth associated with powerchain that is hurting. I *think* I'll be able to eat Christmas dinner though :)

Now for the pics:

Full frontal pic

Bottom Teeth

Top Teeth

The powerchain!