Wednesday, 16 March 2016

It's Been A While...

And I'm still not done!

Implant surgery went well. Had IV sedation for both parts.
Part one was to get the abutment screwed into my gum and covered up ready for the bone to heal round it. Part two was to open up the gum and expose the abutment.

I now have a temporary implant crown on. That was weird seeing them wrench it in place.
This temporary crown has a screw in the front of it so it's filled in with white tooth stuff to look like it hasn't got a hole in it.

I have my final impressions done on 12th April. Impressions with the restorative dentist are crazy super dooper impressions. They add extra stuff to them so they get a more precise finish. But my goodness, I thought they were going to yank all my teeth out with taking out the impression plate!

Also had the bottom of my right central incisor built up cause it was chipped with my braces.

Final implant crown is due on the 17th May with a review appointment in June. He (restorative dentist) even mentioned the 'd' word!

By the time my final implant tooth goes in, it will have been 7 years and 355 days since my braces first went on!


Here's a few pics of me and my fabulous teeth! The pic with me in the white blouse and burgundy coat was taken on the day I got my temporary implant crown in...first photo in nearly 8 years with no visible metal on my teeth!