Sunday, 5 October 2008

Grumble Grumble

After 3rd adjustment 4 days ago, I'm feeling miserable this time round :(
That is 2 really thick wires on my braces...I think the bottom archwire is round and the top certainly looks square/rectangluar. I knew as soon as they went on before the ligs went on I was in for a sore few days.

I have 3 mouth ulcers, on cheek watch cause 2 wires are threatening to cut my cheek again and while I can't say I'm in pain, as the day goes on I really want to gnaw all my teeth out of my mouth!

Add to that I can't eat properly because of this new tooth (that looks brilliant but is so wobbly I'm scared) and I just want to curl up and hide.

I know it will all pass and in a week's time I'll be ok but right now I just want to hide :(

why did I say yes to braces?

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

3rd Adjustment

3rd adjustment today, had to think what number I'm on now, this is getting so old hat hahahaha!
Today's appointment was at 11am and went as follows:

1. molar band fitted onto lower left back molar. Thank goodness is all I can say cause that poor wee tooth holding the last bracket bottom left really wasn't all that happy. Now it has a bit of support going on I think it will be a happy toothypeg once more.

2. I got orange and black ligs for halloween! They are FANTABULOUS! I LOVE them! I've been humming and heying all the week, was definate I was getting orange and black but the closer I got to today the more I was thinking of maybe not the black, just the orange. But sooooo glad I didn't chicken out.
Only one problem, my next adjustment is in 9 weeks time (usually every 6 weeks but ortho must be going on holidays or something and I've got 9 this time) so I while orange and black is good for halloween, I'm also going to be walkign around with orange and black right through November too! Ah well, I still love them :)

3. I got a new tooth! I got a new tooth! I got a new tooth! Can you tell I'm happy that I got a new tooth? :D :D :D
For the first time in about 2 years now (I think, or maybe it's 18 months or so, certainly not less than that) I now look as if I have 2 proper front top teeth! It is amazing! It even came with the same chip that is on my other top front tooth ROFL! long is it going to last? I don't know. It isn't attached to a plate, it is just hanging there, kept in place by a spirally looking wire, archwire and lig. Ortho told me not to bite with it, not to eat apples. I lay there thinking 'but I thought apples weren't allowed with braces anyway?!?!'
So now I'm feeling extra cautious about this tooth. I am STARVING hungry right now but it's a case of eat or lovely teeth, eat or lovely teeth, which to do!
I still have my old tooth denture and have to use it if this new tooth comes off/breaks.
Next adjusment is 9th December!
Here comes the pics

Can you see my new tooth? How great does it look? How cool are these orange and black bands?

Top arch, right way round this time. I'm not sure what is going on here, nothing looks any different but then I guess they were pretty much straight in the first place, just not in the correct place.

Lower arch! Looking good, looking good!

My bite, can't bite down properly cause of new tooth but loving those ligs!