Thursday, 28 July 2011

I didn't realise just how long ago I last updated my blog! To be honest there's been nothing exciting to update with. No new wires, not even new coloured ligs cause I'm stuck with silver because I have so much powerchain on there's no room for ligs! Last appointment was on Tuesday 26th July where it was decided that drastic measures had to be employed because that pesky top central right incisor just was NOT wanting to move anywhere fast. So back went on the dreaded molar build ups which I HATE with a passion. NOTHING makes me so bloomin miserable as these things! So on they went on Tuesday and off they came on Wednesday! Back in today (Thursday) and got double sized ones back on :( But it seems that just with putting the molar buildups on, it has given my top central incisor some room to move and it's moved almost 1mm since Tuesday! Or at least I think it's a mm, she went from saying 9 to 8 LOL.
My jaw surgery was supposed to be in June, but June has been and gone and no surgery date yet. Hopefully come 16th August (my next ortho appointment) this incisor will have moved enough to take the lateral incisor into the correct place.
So here's the pics while I go mope round the house with my new 'friends'

Full frontal minus the molar buildups. Powerchain all along the bottom teeth. Fancy spring things on top

Side view. Big gap there. Blue elastics.
Other side. Blue elastics. Powerchain top and bottom.

Impressed by the lumps of cement?

What the molar buildups do to my bite. You can see it's lift that central incisor away from the bottom teeth