Wednesday, 26 August 2009

And here we are already at August update! Today 26th August 2009 at 10.40am I was in the ortho's chair again. I knew today was the day that we start to move the top incisor round. Was quite a long appointment,
I got pink ligs off and groovy purple and orange ligs put on,
top archwire off and then it decided it wasn't going to play ball and took some doing to get it back in again,
long wire tie put on to keep the canine and lateral incisor where they should be
2 powerchains put on at the front! eeeeeeeek!
Teeth hurting a little from the powerchains, we'll see what it feels like tomorrow.
Now for the pics!
Pics are not playing ball today so a bit out of sorts but it will do, you'll get the picture :)

Right hand side

Left hand side with the wire tied teeth

The full frontal with both powerchains. I'm so glad the gaps not in the middle though!