Tuesday, 30 November 2010

2 Updates In 1 Day!

While trying to take my mind off of the pain of today's latest adjustment and before I go to bed with some painkillers I thought I'd have a wee look at the difference between then and now.
First picture is from when I got my braces put on, way back on 27th May 2008. Followed by my first adjustment.
Then comes how my teeth looked almost exactly a year ago from now (Dec 2009) and finally how things are today (30th November 2010). Quite a difference huh? :)

December 2010

Today was the day where my orthodontist has truely turned evil I think! LOL! My appointment lasted 30 minutes today, my lips are red raw from all the pulling and tugging, my jaw is sore from her pushing it in a direction it'd rather not have been pushed and now I can't speak properly not chew.
So what did I get this time: wire on bottom, pulled out, reshaped a bit and put back in again. Top wire changed to a thicker wire, 2 powerchains, wire ties and a hook added.
Now got another molar buildup on the bottom spanning 2 teeth this time (OH I so hate these molar buildups, whoever thought up these as an idea must be sadistic I'm sure)
Oh and in order for us to try and get my top teeth behind my bottom teeth (Oh how I wish when I was a teenager we just skipped the braces to bring the top teeth in front of the bottom LOL) I now have to do some 'Patient Participation'. I now have elastics. It says they are green on the packet, but they are actually white. The numbers on the packet says: distance: 20MM, 30MM and force 54g, 89g. No idea what that means but if anyone reading this does then feel free to leave a comment and inform me :) I have to wear them 24/7 except for when I'm cleaning my teeth.
I have managed to 'eat' a fried egg sandwich with them in so guessing I'll be able to eat with the elastics in all the time.
So now for the pictures! I'm sorry the side on ones aren't too open, my lips hurt too much from being pulled and stretched so much so I wasn't going to make them even more sore just for taking some pics. But anyways I'm sure you'll get the idea!

Full Frontal
Bottom with molar buildup

My right side

My left side

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Well! It's been almost a whole year since I last updated. To be honest nothing exciting happened. Most of my appointments just meant checkups and new ligs. However my ortho has now left for pastures new (git! he shouldn't have left me! LOL) and now I have a new ortho. And boy did she go to town with me. I now have 2 POWERCHAINS! Yes 2! Feeling the sympathy from you guys :) As well as 2 powerchains she also gave me new thicker wires top and bottom, new ties and new springy looking things. By the time she had finished I was beginning to resemble Hannibal Lecter! That's 2 years 5 months down, another 7 months left to go. Although I suspect we are behind schedule as my midline on top is not in the right place yet.
So now here are the pictures. Can you see a change from last update?