Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Found My Camera - Latest July Pics

This is how much of a gap I now have at the front on the top! I pushed my false tooth over to have it where it should be. It's pretty cool although I'm thinking it is going to be really weird having 2 top front teeth in the right place. You can now see that the rest of the teeth need to budge over a bit to fill that gap and get my midline into well erm the midline! :)

You can now see how much of a gap has developed when you look at this next picture and compare it to some of the earlier ones.

Oooo a bit much saliva going on here but you can certainly see the teeth have moved along now. The tooth with no lig on has the powerchain on it and orth said he would keep the lig off for now as ligs can slow things down?? I don't know anything about that will just take his word for it.

And this is the other side...all you toothypegs will be moving shortly to your new home! Ortho says that at my next appointment we start moving that incisor round to the midline.

And last but not least, my beautiful bottom sparkly pearls. They are looking good. I do think they need to be nudged over ever so slightly to get the midline exact but something tells me I'm perhaps going to have to make do with just ever so slightly not nudged over.

Back again in August. Happy viewing!

Monday, 20 July 2009

July Update.
Not much to report on the braces front. Got ligs changed again, stayed with pink as I like pink.
Next appointment will be exciting as that's when we start moving the incisor round into place!!!!!! Next appointment is in August.
No pics just now as a) been ill this past week and b) been decorating the livingroom so the camera has been hidden away.

Other news: turned 32 although it passed in a blur thanks to being ill and spending it at emergency doctors, and have completely redecorated our livingroom..tis gorgeous!