Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Not necessarily braces related but thought I'd post this entry.
Since getting my braces on, I decided new teeth means I'll get new glasses and new hair too. Lets have a bit of a change.
So here is what I look like now after my trip to the hairdressers this morning. This is the first time my hair has EVER been coloured! And I'm LOVING my new red glasses :) The short hair is a bit of a shock to the system hehehehe.
But and there's always a but isn't there...... I HATE how squint my face is getting. I don't know if it's the teeth moving or what but I'm sure my lower face looks worse than before. It all needs to be shifted over to the other side just a wee bit. It would all look fabulous if I didn't have my jaws and my teeth right now.
Oh I can't waitl til after jaw surgery and I'm going to go for a new look then, only then will will look much better :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

2nd Adjustment!

Today I had my 2nd adjustment at 9.30am. I got there early was taken in at 9.20am instead. Today I got:

1.New archwires upper and lower

2. New ligs...I couldn't choose between orange, green, red and azure so I asked the ortho assistant to choose for me from those colours. She said azure was really nice (and I'm definately going to get them next time) but chose red for me to match my (new) glasses. ROFL! My fav colour is red too! They don't make my teeth look like they are bleeding as I thought they would but I can't say I LOVE them, they are alright.

3. I got impressions UGH! I HATE top impressions. But my denture tooth just won't sit correctly any more. I can't eat with it in or it starts to rattle round my mouth and over the past couple of days have found that if I'm not going out anywhere then I just leave it out. So I got impressions to have a new one with a bracket attached. However, I have to 'persevere' with my current denture tooth til 1st October! Could hear the ortho assistant behind me phoning the people who make such thngs and she said they could have it ready for the end of the week but my ortho said it wasn't urgent and could wait til my next appointment...grrrrrr I'm not a happy bunny but hey ho. I'll just need to go in search of extra-super strength denture fixative.

4. I had an argument with my ortho over my chipped tooth *sigh* he is convinced my chip is old and I tried explaining to him that yes one of the chips is old but this one is new and only appeared 2 weeks ago. But he's not having it! And I didn't have my hearing aid in so wasn't in the best position to argue further with him (I'm hard of hearing and he is very soft spoken) So if he's not bothered then neither am I. I guess he has taken stock of the first chip and I'll get something done at the end to sort it out...I'll leave that to the restorative dentist to fix when I'm going for my implant/bridge.

5. When he was removing the lower arch wire he muttered something about something being weird. I have no idea what is weird but never mind...nothing about any kind of treatment I've had for anything is ever straightforward. I'll just stay in pondering as to what is weird about my teeth ROFL!

And that was that. All done for another 6 weeks. Managed ot get next appointment which is 1st October which is a wednesday which fits in brilliantly with me going back to uni (I'll be off most weds)

My teeth feel more secure and snug together with these new wires in..it's only way I can explain it. But within an hour of them in my teeth were uncomfortable..I'd say nippy but not ouch ouch sore. It's more an ache now, I'll need to take some paracetamol.
below are some pics. I didn't realise how much my bottom teeth had moved til uploading this pic and comparing it with last adjustment's pics! WOW! that is cool movement.

Bite with red bands

Bite with no denture in

Lower arch...WOW! Look at that movement!

Top arch..not much teeth! Just realised I have it upside down!

Sunday, 3 August 2008


The chip! The gap!

Look what has happened! I spy with my little eye a slight chip on my top incisor! Have tried to circle it in Paint but you can hardly see the circle. But basically it's the dent on the left of the picture. It's being cause by the bracket below..it fits in just nicely when I bite together

Sigh I REALLY hope this doesn't mean molar buildups back on again.
I'm not worried about the chip actually, because that tooth has had the first dent on it for a long time (no idea how it got there), I'm more worried about getting molar buildups back on. Bad I know I know!

2 weeks til 2nd adjustment....aside from the chip...my denture isn't a happy bunny (I'm surprised it is still intact actually) and that wobbly tooth is a little less wobbly but still wobbly.
Now got a huge gap between incisor and next tooth along and think the lower arch is straightening more.