Friday, 29 August 2014

One Week Today Until Operation New Face

Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment. Spent a total of 2 hours in the hospital.

The surgeon was surprised to find that it has taken 6 years (and 3 months) to be ready for surgery. But I couldn't answer his question as to why it has taken so long, because I'm not an orthodontist.
But anyways, we are now just 7 days away from surgery, well actually, this time next Friday it should all be over with.

My false tooth will be removed on Monday 1st September :( The orthodontist was going to take it out yesterday but I fought for it to be kept in until I was back for another appointment on Monday anyway.

I will be admitted to hospital on Thursday 4th September. I had asked if I would be able to go home that night after all the checking in work had been done but apparently they will be giving me an injection of some kind of drug to thin my blood. I'm not sure that's wise but hey ho. I also have to sign a consent form for a blood transfusion if it is required.
So my last meal will be hospital food bleurgh!

My surgery will take place on the morning of Friday 5th September. It should take 1.5 - 2 hours.
I will be having my lower right wisdom tooth removed and then my jaw will be cut on both sides like in this picture:

My jaw will be moved backwards and to the right. It will be moved 5mm which will naturally move my chin 4mm so it will be more in the centre of my face.
I have been told to expect my bottom lip and chin to be numb, and could be for months afterwards. If they cut the nerve(s) that supply my lower lip and chin, then new nervous tissue grows at a rate of 1mm per week so it could be a very long time before feeling comes back. Hopefully they won't cut the nerve(s).

My midlines will not be perfect, they will be about 1-2mm out but it will give me a better bite position than if they were lined up exactly.

After surgery I will be moved to the high dependency unit for the first 24 hours; this is routine because of the swelling being so close to the airway. It actually made me feel better to know I'd be going to HDU and won't be left in a bed pressing a buzzer for a nurse that doesn't come whilst I bleed out all over the place.

I will have pca morphine so I imagine I'm going to be well out of it. Last time I had a morphine injection for a migraine I was hallucinating LOL.

I should get home on Sunday all being well.

I may sound very calm but believe me, I am very scared. I keep waking up at 4am in sweating panics about it. Although I feel a little better knowing more information now.
I'm scared, especially scared of just how awful I'm going to feel, how swollen I'll be, how sore I'll be and how I'm not going to be able to eat proper food.
I'm also feeling tearful at the thought of having to say goodbye to my husband and kids and not see them immediately before I go to theatre or once I come out of recovery. They will be visiting of course but it's in those moments, I'm missing them already.
Then I have other times where I think, well Fay, you were the one who decided to have the operation, you decided so you'll just have to get on with it.

I'll try and update as soon as I can. If I remember, I'll post some day before surgery pictures. They won't be pretty but they will be better than immediate post op ones :)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

5 Weeks Yesterday

I *FINALLY* have a date for surgery!

On 5th September 2014 I will be having my jaw surgery.

I will be having my wisdom tooth removed and my lower jaw broken moved backwards and to the right.

Sometimes I am scared. Sometimes I'm more pragmatic about it all.

Sometimes I am scared that I'm not going to make it through the op and other times I'm scared that I will make it through the op :)

Just now trying to prepare myself, making a list of foods I can eat, I have a sweet list and a savoury list. I'm worried about the protein intake.
I'll be no chew for 6 weeks. Will the pain or the diet be the worst?

Been told that healing time is 6- 8 weeks so have told work I should be back after week 4; I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things go.
Reading other blogs, some people have went back to work after 2 weeks, others after 11.

Now trying to decide what my last supper will be. I'm to be admitted to hospital the afternoon before my surgery so I'm hoping that once all the paper work is done, I can come home for the night and get one last good meal and one last good night's sleep.

I'm prepared for the whole of September to disappear for me.