Thursday, 4 June 2009


Well it has been a wee while since I last updated. Mainly because each appointment resulted in my ligs being changed, an appointment for next time and sent on my way. NOTHING exciting happened, no pain, no ulcers, no wire changes, nothing to write home about (or blog about) really.
Since my last update I have had turquoise green ligs, red and pink ligs (for valentine's day) and something else but can't think what.

Latest appointment was on Friday 22nd May. That was just 5 days short of having my braces on for a whole year! Wow time has flown by! 1 down 2 to go.
I had to take my kids with me to my appointment as it was an inservice day at school for them. They almost got to choose my lig colours and suggested yellow but thankfully with a few handsignals (while ortho was changing my wires and ligs I managed to divert the yellowness and get pink)
I had both top and bottom wires changed and could feel before I had even left the room that I was in for a uncomfortable week ahead.
Wires changed, pink ligs on (wanted something a bit more calm after the turquoise green as they were a tad on the bright side) and some springy wire thing put where the powerchain was before (I don't know what the springy wire thing is called) Brendan watched everything! He knows that since he was born with a cleft palate just like me there is a super dooper high chance he will get braces too. He's well fascinated and hopefully the mroe he sees happening to me the less scary it will be for him when his time comes.

The powerchain was moved from it's position as seen in last update to the next gap over. This is now movning all the top teeth along to get my midline in the correct position. I've been told it's going to take some time.
Now for the pics....

Full frontal. Look at that HUGE gap!

The moved powerchain.

The other side...the dark side LOL!

No pics of bottom or top today. Top photo turned out rubbish and I can't be bothered faffing about taking it again. Bottom teeth don't look different from last bottom photo and it's sideways and I can't be bothered faffing rotating it LOL.