Friday, 6 June 2014

Six Years And Counting *sigh*

Yep, I've now been in braces for 6 years and 10 days.
And guess what....I still have no date for surgery.

I'm not sure if this is due to my orthodontist's skills or my teeth have just taken a very long time to move. But seriously, *WHO* has to be in braces for this length of time?

I do however have an appointment to see the surgeon on 10 July 2014. So not long to wait now...hopefully....

To be honest, it was 6 years ago that I decided to start this process after researching heaps online. Now it's been so long that surgery just doesn't seem real any more; like it's not going to happen.
I think it's going to be a shock.
And now I'm getting scared.
Now I'm wishing I just hadn't started this whole thing. If I had known it would have been six years in braces, I think I would have chosen one of the easier options.

I'm scared about what it's going to be like post op and scared that I'm not going to make it through surgery.

I can't remember when I got it, but I now have a bite plate appliance for my lower teeth because I refused to have any more molar buildups. It makes me look a bit like hannibal lecter.
I have hot pink and sapphire blue ligs with powerchain on the top.

See pic below :)

Hopefully next update will have a surgery date attached to it