Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate today. I hope you had a lovely day :)

I managed to eat entire Christmas dinner from prawn cocktail for starters (although lettuce was a bit tricky), to full Christmas turkey with all the trimmings (albeit a slow trek through the plate) and 3 puddings (1 piece of cheesecake and 2 bowls of trifle (trifle is my favourite pudding ever!)).

Of course, there had to be the bag of nuts that I can't eat, but my hubby will enjoy eating them for me.

Definitely still need a napkin when eating, it's a funny thing, it's almost like my nerves have went inside out, I eat something and instead of feeling it inside my mouth, I feel it on the outside. So I feel like I have food running down/stuck to my chin but don't. That's on the right hand side where the numbest area is.

Putting on lipstick this morning was kinda weird.

I'll be 16 weeks post surgery tomorrow so here's a photo update since I've not done one for a while.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

15 Weeks...I think

There was a time when I said to my husband, 'I wonder when I'll stop counting the time since my surgery'.

Well that time has come. I'm fairly sure I'm something like 15 weeks and 2 days post surgery now, but I have to stop and think about it, work it out.

I was supposed to have an appointment with my orthodontist on Thursday but the appointment got rescheduled because my orthodontist was off sick. Have never, in the past 6 years seen her off sick so she must've been really sick.
I did say to the receptionist that I was to be seen soon because my teeth are moving quickly post surgery but I haven't got my next appointment now until 8th January. Well, I'm just the patient so I can't make receptionists give me faster appointments. Although I could bet if the dental nurse was there, they'd find something sooner.
Just got to hope that my teeth behave themselves over the next few weeks.

That will also mean that my braces will NOT be off 4 months after surgery. Why am I not surprised??

Nothing to report really.
I am getting fed up of food getting stuck in my braces (one of the perks of the jaw surgery diet, nothing stuck!) and I am finding that food sticks between my teeth and my gums at the sides on the bottom and I can't feel it.

The area where the bone was sticking out is reduced to a small lump; it is slowly healing itself.

Food wise I have found most things ok although I am taking longer to eat now. I feel like I have eaten absolutely HEAPS in the past 3 weeks but the bathroom scales are telling me that i am maintaining my weight at 10st 6lbs (146lbs) so I can't be doing too badly. Plus my clothes are still too big for me. If I can mantain over Christmas then I think I'll need to go and buy some new trousers/jeans at least because I'm running on 2 pairs of jeans to wear.

I ate pizza for the first time the other night; had naad bread pizza as I figured that would be easier to eat than proper pizza dough base. That went ok except I couldn't eat the crust bits.

Have tried beef and been ok although was sore after the first time.
Have tried pork and that just is a no go, my jaws just refuse to work on pork.
Almost back to normal diet.
Still not attempted anything crunchy or hard like crackers or crisps. But then most of the food that falls into the hard or crunchy category are foods that I shouldn't be eating anyway :)

I can now eat a banana properly! Satsumas are good too.

I have had a couple of nights where I think I've either been clenching or grinding my teeth and have woken up with achey jaws.

I was also sat watching TV the other night and ran my hand over my jaw (still tend to do that as well as touch the numb area) and got a bit of a shock, it felt like something was missing! I think what it was was that some swelling has gone down again on the right hand side.

Coming up to Christmas now. I most certainly will be able to eat Christmas dinner!! Will likely have to skip the nuts and the crisps and so on but that's ok.

I have had 2 lots of laryngitis and 2 ear infections since my surgery so I'm pretty run down. I have also had major mood crashes. I have read online that a drop in mood can occur after jaw surgery, well mine certainly did. Just trying to work my way back to 'normal' again.

And a funny, it's only taken 3 weeks, but now I am fed up eating toast for breakfast!! :D :D