Tuesday, 8 July 2008

First Adjustment

Today I had my first adjustment...exactly 6 weeks since archwire and ligs went on

Today's changes:

1. New molar band on top left back molar

2. Molar buildups are OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had to take the top left one off to fit the molar band and then it dawned on him that that molar buildup wasn't actually doing anything anyway as it wasn't hitting against any other teeth. I said he was a cruel man! He said how was he because he was taking it off..I said cause he put it on in the first place and I had spent a week gagging and took 3 weeks to be able to eat normally LOL.

3. Asked if he was going to build up the molar buildup top right but he said it looks like my top incisor is clear of my bottom brackets below it so no need to have that build up again either.

4. I chose purple ligs (see pics below) and think they look super dooper cool. I LOVE them!

5. All lower ligs are in figure of 8s. Top incisor lig is figure of 8, rest are just normal

6. New archwires are MUCH thicker...so much so it was the first thing my daughter commented on when she saw me after my appointment.

7. I have a battlescar where ortho's hand slipped trying to put on lig on bottom left canine (apparently the canine is twisted)

8. Ortho is still humming and heying about the wee half tooth I have top right (can see in top arch photo below, tiny wee tooth next to last molar on left of pic) as to if it should come out or not. When braces went on he said it may or may not have to come out, we would wait and see. Today he said he thinks it will have to come out. I just wish he'd give me the letter to take to my dentist to get it out and get it over and done with!

It hurts a little now. I think it's going to hurt a lot more in the next 24hrs. I think it's gonna be a case of chew through the pain! But OMG! having those molar buildups off and being able to eat normally again (despite the pain of the new wire) is just sheer bliss!!!!! My sandwich for lunch tasted extra good just because I could eat it properly.

Mega cool purple ligs doing their figure of 8 routine

Bottom arch. Finally found the macro button on my camera!

Top arch with my denture plate in. Please ignore the fact you can see RIGHT up my nose! I only have 9.5 teeth in the top.


Friday, 4 July 2008

Profile Pictures - 1 Month 1 week In Braces

Here are some profile pics I took today. They aint great but hopefully you can see something :)
Actually looking at a side profile, I don't look too bad and even worry a tad that by putting my lower jaw back I'll look chinless. But I just have to remind myself that it's only going to be a few mm back from its current position.
But it's when you look at the front profile that you see where it's all wrong and wonky and squint and I do indeed need surgery.
I always kinda think, side profile view, that I'm a bit flat faced from the cheeks down, like there's no much definition going on.
I think from the top front view pic that you can see how one eyebrow is higher than the other, one eye is more closed than the other when I smile. I want a more even smile even if we can't do anything about the wonky eyebrows :D

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I just came across this link


Considering how squint, sorry asymmetric my face is, I'm sitting here thinking wouldn't it be absolutely cool if I could have Le Fort III + mandibullar sagital split osteotomy + genioplasty??

I didn't actually think it was possible to correct facial asymmetry to that extent!

However, I do think that 8hrs+ in theatre, blood transfusion and all the post op stuff just isn't making me want to have all that done realistically! I also can't have anything done to my upper jaw anyways because of my velopharyngeal insufficiency (plastics refuse to put me on the table to correct it again)

I wonder if there is anyone out there who has indeed had it all??

So I'll just stick with the mandibular sagital split osteotomy and the genioplasty instead :)